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Who We Are

Process servers personally deliver official legal court documents and are typically hired by law firms, accountants, doctors as well as private litigants; all seeking successful execution of service, in a professional and accurate manner.

From subpoenas to court filings, Pocono Process Servers is the trusted source for all of your legal processing needs. We make it our goal to meet all legal deadlines with our fast and prompt process servers.

Why Choose Us?

  • No hidden fees
  • Updates from start to serve
  • We serve until the job is done
  • We know how to serve uncooperative individuals
  • Trust us to serve correctly according to the law

Proudly Serving the State of Pennsylvania

Is My Area Covered?

Standard Service

Once you hand us the necessary legal paperwork, we will proceed with the service of process. This process may take three to five days. This is a great option for plaintiffs with plenty of time to spare.

Next Day Rush Service

This service guarantees the delivery of your legal documents within 24 hours of receipt. It is faster than the standard service.

Same-Day Service

From the name itself, this service ensures that the legal documents are served on the same day. For those with no time to waste, time is incredibly critical in some cases and this is the perfect choice for those instances.